Henry Mancini:

Chrome Dreams


Henry Mancini, "The Complete Peter Gunn", Chrome Dreams #_________ (2011).[2-CD Set]

Product Description:

Groundbreaking and enormously popular, Peter Gunn marked the moment in television where modern popular music began to be used as an integral part of the audience experience. The cool, suave title character was perfectly reflected in the urbane jazz written for the show by Henry Mancini. Mancini is, of course, one of the greatest ever composers for TV and film, winning several Oscars and becoming part of the cultural fabric of the 20th century. His music for Peter Gunn is collected here, including the familiar 'Peter Gunn Theme' alongside all the other tracks used during the series. Duane Eddy's celebrated version of the theme is also included, along with other alternative recordings of this iconic piece. In all, 49 tracks of modern but eminently listenable jazz that can take the listener back to the late 1950s when Mancini was discovering how far his talent could take him and his audience, while providing a brand new sonic experience that sounds as relevant today as when first released.


Disc 1

1. Peter Gun
2. Sorta Blue
3. The Brothers Go To Mothers
4. Dreamsville
5. Session at Pete's Pad
6. Soft Sounds
7. Fallout
8. The Floater
9. Slow and Easy
10. A Profound Gass
11. Brief and Breezy
12. Not from Dixie
13. Walkin' Bass
14. Timothy
15. Joanna
16. My Manne Shelly
17. Goofin' at the Coffee House
18. Odd Ball
19. Blue Steel
20. The Little Man Theme
21. Spook!
22. A Quiet Gass
23. Lightly
24. Blues for Mother's

Disc 2

1. Peter Gunn
2. Session at Pete's Pad
3. Dreamsville
4. Fallout!
5. The Brothers Go To Mother's
6. Sorta Blue
7. A Profound Gass
8. Soft Sounds
9. The Floater
10. Brieft and Breezy
11. Spook!
12. Blue Steel
13. Odd Ball
14. My Manne Shelly
15. Lightly
16. A Quiet Gass
17. Joanna
18. Blues for Mothers
19. Walkin' Bass
20. Goofin' at the Coffee House
21. The Little Man Theme
22. Peter Gunn
23. Peter Gunn
24. Peter Gunn
25. Peter Gunn

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