Henry Mancini:

Capitol Record Club

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, "The Hawaiians", Capitol Record Club Edition, #SW-93297 (1970).[LP]
Music composed and conducted by Henry Mancini.

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Side One:

Side Two:

Theme from "The Hawaiians"

Fumiko (Japanese Love Theme)

Auntie's Theme


Pineapple Pirates

The Streets of Chinatown

Music for a Japanese Bath

Theme from "The Hawaiians"

Quiet Thoughts

Auntie's Theme

Personnel: Featured Artists:; David Ming Yüeh Liang-Cheng (Chinese Zither) & Hsün (Chinese Ocarina); Kayoko Wakita-Koto; Patti Shirai-Bass Koto; Art Smith-Chinese flute; Emil Richards-Santure (Oriental cymballum); Gene Cipriano-Hichiriki (Japanese Oboe).

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