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[Original LP]

[1987 CD release]

Freddie Hubbard, "First Light", CTI #6013 (1971).[Original LP]
Freddie Hubbard, "First Light", CTI/Epic #ZK 40687 (1987).[CD Reissue]
Freddie Hubbard: "First Light", CTI/King New Just Jazz Series #KICJ 8265 (Release Date in Japan: July 14, 1998).[CD Reissue]
Freddie Hubbard, "First Light", CTI Master Series #5127902 (Release Date: September 2003).[24 bit CD Reissue]

Includes a wonderful jazzy version of "Moment To Moment" (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer).


24-bit-firstlight.JPG  24-bit-firstlight-b.JPG
[CTI Master Series 24-bit CD reissue]


[1998 Japanese CD reissue]

Special Note: The Japanese CD includes the original 1971 mix by legendary sound engineer Rudy Van Gelder; all other reissues of this album were remixed from the original masters by other engineers.

Personnel includes: Freddie Hubbard (flugelhorn), Richard Wyands (electric piano), Ron Carter (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Airto Moreira (percussion), Phil Kraus (vibes), George Benson (guitar) and Hubert Laws (flute).  Arranged by Don Sebesky.


24-bit-firstlightliner.JPG - Liner credits from the 2003 CD reissue.

Original LP produced by Creed Taylor.

Japanese reissue supervised by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

24 bit CTI Master Series CD reissue produced by Richard Seidel.

Freddie Hubbard, "First Light" - GRAMMY® Best Jazz Performance By A Group (1972)

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