PHOTO GALLERY:  More Personal Donato Photos


Donato (R) & Ivone Belem (C) at their wedding on February 17, 2001.
On the left side of Ivone is her brother, Caio.



Donato and his wife Ivone Belem December 3, 1999.



Playing around (1999).


Donato and Claudio Slon, 1999.



Donato promoting one of his CDs.



Donato in the home of Arnaldo DeSouteiro, back in 1982.
Photo taken by Arnaldo's mother, Delza Agricola DeSouteiro.


Donato (with accordian), 1947.



Is Donato having trouble managing his pasta?!!



The Donato Trio in disguise.  They totally fooled you, didn't they?!!!



João Donato in Clube do Choro, Brasilia, Brasil, May 2003.
Photo: Herminio Oliveira



Producer Vartan Tonoian and Donato in Cuba for Donato's 2004 recording with vocalists Sexto Sentido.

Thumbnails below:  Donato putting his handprints in the sidewalk of fame in Rio de Janeiro and in a live "sidewalk concert" with Paulo Moura!
Photos by Ivone Belem.

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