João Donato - Unknown label


Various Artists, "Show Escola Naval", (unknown label and catalog number) (1959).[LP]

This recording marks the very first anniversary of a bossa nova concert in Brazil.

This recording contains one composition by Donato:

03 - Minha Saudade - Performed by Luiz Eca & Irmãos Castro Neves

Let-music-play.JPG  Let-music-play-b.JPG


Claus Ogerman und sein Orchester, Homer Dennison und sein Orchester, Laura & The Beachcombers, "Let The Music Play - Volume 1", unknown label - no catalog number - pressed for radio airplay only (196_).[LP]

This album of reissued RCA material contains tracks from Joao's Piano of Joao Donato, The New Sound of Brazil.

Tracks which involve Donato as composer & pianist (tracks arranged by Claus Ogerman):

(From Side 1)

It Didn't End

Jungle Flower



Leny Andrade, "Registro", (unknown label) [Brazil] #_______ (1974).[LP]

This album contains Donato's "Coisas Distantes".


Luiz Carlos Vinhas and Emilio Santiago, "Luiz Carlos Vinhas and Emilio Santiago - Ao Vivo", unknown label [Brazil] #______ (1974).[LP]

This album contains the Donato composition "Muito a Vontade".


Wilson das Neves e Conjunto, "O Som Quente e o das Neves", unknown label #______ (1976).[LP]

This album contains two Donato compositions:  "Os Caras Querem" and "Unidunite".

Marku.JPG  Marku-b.JPG
Marku, "Marku", unknown label [Brazil] #_________ (1983).[Possible Private Issue LP]
Marku, "Marku", unknown label [Brazil] #ABW 99913 (19__).[CD Reissue]

Included Donato composition is: "Kaçuada".

Recorded in the Timbre Studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Musician personnel on this album includes Donato performing on electric piano on several tracks (Folozinha, Brazil com Z, Girassois) and he also performs on trombone on one track (Trombone de varra).

Edson e Tita, "Novidade de Vida", unknown label #_______ (1981).[LP]

Includes the song Falando A Verdade, composed by Donato with lyrics by Tita. This song was later retitled Surpresa, when Caetano Veloso added different lyrics for a recording (also arranged by Donato) on his Cores Nomes  album.

Donato plays piano in all tracks listed below, except A Paz E Possivel.  He is also listed as a trombonist on the album and as a conductor/arranger of the album, along with Paulo Jobim.


Side A
Eu Amo Jesus
Pode Chegar
Meus Amigos
De Dentro Pra Fora
A Paz E Possivel
Side B
Falando A Verdade
Vem O Fim
Amor Eterno
Nos Braços de Deus
Dai Glorias

   Edson.pdf - Liner notes from original LP (in Portuguese) written by Edson Lobo.

   Tita.pdf - Liner notes from original LP (in Portuguese) written by Tita.

Musician personnel: Tita (vocal & acoustic guitar), Edson Lobo (acoustic bass & piccolo bass), João Donato (piano & trombone, arranger/conductor), Tomas Improta (piano), Paulo Jorge (drums), Eduardo Lobo (bongos), Robertinho Silva (percussion), Ricardo Campos (10-string acoustic guitar), Toninho Horta (electric guitar), Mauricio Einhorn (harmonica), Oberdan Magalhaes (flute & soprano sax), Claudio Roditi & Bill Horne (flugelhorns), Danilo Caymmi, Paulo Jobim (arranger/conductor, flutes) & Franklin (flutes), Edson Maciel, Paulo Jobim, Jesse & Gilberto (trombones) plus string section.

Produced by Gabriel Pessanha.

Arranged & Conducted by João Donato & Paulo Jobim.


Tim Maia, "Tim Maia Interpreta Classicos da Bossa Nova", unknown label [Brazil] #_______ (1990).[CD]

This album contains Donato's "A Ra".

Milton Nascimento, "Clube Da Esquina 2", unknown label #___________ (1995).[CD]

Donato is featured on piano and trombone on this album.

DJ Uncle Al, "Liberty City", unknown label #___________ (1996).[CD]

Donato is featured on organ on this album.

Various Artists, "Latin Jazz Dance Classics", unknown label #___________ (1996).[CD]

Donato is featured on piano and trombone on this album. 

Various Artists, "Latin Jazz Experience", unknown label #___________ (1996).[CD]

Donato is featured on piano on this album. 

FogueiraVarig60anos.jpg  VarigBack.jpg

Fogueira Tres, "Varig 1927-1987", unknown label #______ (1987).[Promo LP]

This album contains this Donato composition:  Amazonas.

Various Artists, "Brasil 2Mil: The Soul of ...", unknown label #___________ (1999).[CD]

Donato is featured on piano on this album.


Tania Alves, "De Bolero Em Bolero", unknown label, #__________ (2001).[CD]

Contains this Donato composition: "Simples Carinho".


Various Artists, "Bossa Nova Lounge/Look To the Sky", Unknown label, #________ (2002).[CD compilation]

Includes performance of "Muito A Vontade" by João Donato and His Trio.


Various Artists, "Bossa Nova", unknown label, #___________ (2004).[CD Compilation]

Tracks which feature various artists are indicated as such, below:


1.  Little Rose

2.  One Note Samba (composed by A.C. Jobim)

3.  Rio

4.  Boranda

5.  Manha de Carnaval

6.  She Told Me, She Told Me (drums - Claudio Slon; percussion - Bobby Rosengarden)

7.  Carta Ao Tom 74

8.  Lugar Comum (composed by João Donato)

9.  Desafinado (composed by A.C. Jobim)

10.  Aguas de Marco (performed by A.C. Jobim/Elis Regina, composed by A.C. Jobim)

11.  Aguas Passadas

12.  The Girl From Ipanema (composed by A. C. Jobim; piano - A.C. Jobim)

13.  Mas Que Nada

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