[Joao Donato, 1965 - taken from back cover of
"The New Sound of Brazil" LP]

João Donato - RCA Victor (continued)





Miucha, "Miucha", RCA Victor [Brazil] #103.0376 (1980).[LP]

Donato arrangements used in All of Me, Joujoux et Galangandans, Todo Amor, Milagre Brasileiro, A Paixao e sempre passageira, Cabritada mal sucedida and Cancao do desamor demais; Donato on piano in All of me, Santo Amaro, Milagre Brasileiro, Segura a coisa, Sinal da Paz, A paixao e sempre passageira, Cabritada mal sucedida, & Cancao do desamor demais; Donato on Trombone in All of Me.

Donato compositions included are: Cancao do desamor demais, Musica, Letra Cacaso.


Yana(Yana,RCA,cassete,1030551,front).jpg  Yana(Yana,RCA,cassete,1030551,back).jpg

Yana Purim, "Yana Purim", RCA [Brazil] #103.0551 (1982).[LP]
Yana Purim, "Yana Purim", RCA [Brazil] #103.0551 (1982).[CS]

Personnel includes Donato playing piano on several tracks.  This album also includes the only recording of "Ate Quem Sabe" with English lyrics! This album also contains "Samba-Disco", co-written by Donato.

Musician personnel includes: Yana Purim (vocals & arrangements), Joao Donato and Dave Frishberg (pianos), Richard Garoogian (keyboards), Alex Malheiros and David Edelstein (bass), Pascoal Meirelles and Mark Shuklian (drums), Sidinho Moreira, Paulo Proença and Arnaldo DeSouteiro (percussion), Victor Biglione and Rod Borges (guitar), Nivaldo Ornelas (soprano sax and flute), Mike Bolivar (alto sax) and Andre Dequech (violin).

Liner notes by Herbie Hancock.

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro and Yana Purim.


Litto Nebbia, "Litto Nebbia en Brasil aqui y ahora", RCA Victor [Argentina] #TPL-60156 (1985).

Litto Nebbia plays Donato's "Lugar Comun" on this album.

Chico Buarque, "Francisco", RCA #140.0001 (1987).[CD]

Included Donato composition is: "Cadê Você (Leila XIV)".


Various Artists, "Heirs To Jobim - A Musical Tribute", RCA Victor #________ (1997).[CD]

Donato is featured on this album on piano, other keyboards and vocals and also did some arranging.


01 - Desafinado - New York Voices
02 - Waters of March - Philip Hamilton
03 - Garota de Ipanema - Lisa Ono and Joao Donato
04 - Ligia - Arto Lindsay
05 - Corcovado - Randy Brecker Session
06 - Agua de Beber - Flora Purim
07 - Modinha - New York Voices
08 - Meditation - Leon Russell
09 - Olha Maria - Gil Goldstein
10 - Estada Branca - Antonio Carlos Jobim and Lisa Ono


Various Artists, "The Best of Bossa Nova - Vol. 1", RCA #BVCM-37036 (1998).[Compilation]

Contains performance by João Donato on tracks "Samba De Orfeu" and "Q Barquinho".

Focus-on-bn.JPG  Focus-on-bn-b.JPG

Various Artists, "Focus On Bossa Nova", RCA/BMG [Brazil] #7.4321.79171-2 (2001).[CD Compilation]

This compilation includes Donato performing in the following tracks, both available for the first time on CD:

--Yana Purim: Querendo Voce/I Apologize (Hoffman/Nelson/Goodhart)

Personnel: Yana Purim (vocal), Joao Donato (piano & arranger), Alex Malheiros (bass), Pascoal Meirelles (drums), Cidinho Moreira (percussion) and Arnaldo DeSouteiro (producer).

In his liner notes, Mr. DeSouteiro wrote:

During the sessions for Yana Purim's debut album, recorded in 1980, I had the privilege to assemble an all-star band, which included some of Rio's most-in-demand musicians. A gifted lyricist, who collaborated with Michel Colombier, Mal Waldron and Hermeto Pascoal, to name a few, Yana (Flora's sister) performs Querendo Voce, her Portuguese version of I Apologize, backed by the legendary João Donato on piano, and Azymuth's bassist Alex Malheiros, among others.

--Vinicius Cantuaria: Saudades de Voce (Cantuaria)

Personnel: Vinicius Cantuaria (vocal & guitar), Joao Donato (piano & arranger), Luiz Alves (bass), Robertinho Silva (drums), Marcio Montarroyos (flugelhorn), Danilo Caymmi & Ze Luiz (flutes), Leo Gandelman (tenor sax), Serginho & Simoes (trombone) and Giancarlo Pareschi (concertmaster)

In his liner notes, Mr. DeSouteiro wrote:

Donato is once again featured in another bossa gem from the Eighties, Saudades de Voce, one of the best tracks from Vinicius Cantuaria's self-titled debut as a leader. Fresh from his stint as a drummer for Caetano Veloso, Cantuaria sings and plays guitar in this album, a very hard-to-find item. Donato's sultry arrangement, for strings & horns, is a lesson in less is more...

This CD also includes:

--Alaide Costa: Minha Saudade (Donato/Joao Gilberto)

Personnel: Alaide Costa (vocal) with studio orchestra arranged by Maestro Carioca

In his liner notes, Mr. DeSouteiro wrote:

Minha Saudade is performed by a cult songstress, Alaide Costa, who is adored by Brazilian musicians. The original recording was done by João Donato, playing accordion as a sideman on an album by the late guitarist Luiz Bonfa in 1955. Alaide's rendition, four years later, was the first one with lyrics, which were added by João Gilberto.



Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Focus-1.pdf - Page 1 of liner notes written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Focus-2.pdf - Page 2 of liner notes written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Focus-3.pdf - Page 3 of liner notes written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Focus-4.pdf - Page 4 of liner notes written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Compliation Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro (Jazz Station Productions).

Focus-on-bmg-a.JPG  Focus-on-bmg-b.JPG

Various Artists, "Focus On Brazilian Music Grooves", RCA/BMG [Brazil] CD #4321.79172-2 (2001).[CD Compilation]

Includes the following track composed and arranged by João Donato, who also plays piano:

Gal Costa: Nua Ideia (aka Leila XII)

This compilation also includes the following tracks involving Donato:

Nana Caymmi with Donato: Milagre (Dorival Caymmi)

Personnel: Nana Caymmi & Dorival Caymmi (vocals), João Donato (Rhodes electric piano), Luiz Alves (acoustic bass), Robertinho Silva (drums), Chico Batera & Ariovaldo (percussion), Dori Caymmi (arranger).


Gal Costa with Donato: Nua Ideia (aka Leila XII) (Donato/Caetano Veloso)

Personnel: Gal Costa (vocal), João Donato (acoustic piano, arranger & conductor), Arismar do Espirito Santo (electric bass), Carlos Bala (drums), Sidinho Moreira (percussion), Helio Delmiro (guitar) plus strings & horn sections.


In his liner notes, Mr. DeSouteiro wrote:

One of Brazil's greatest vocal stars, Gal Costa, displays her talents on Nua Ideia, a song co-written in the mid-'80s by Caetano Veloso and pianist João Donato. Donato is the only Brazilian musician who paid his dues in the popular U.S. latin-jazz circuit, playing with Tito Puente and Mongo Santamaria. This track clearly documents Donato's style, fusing samba and latin rhythms in an infectious groove.




Compilation Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.



Luiz Eça, Bebeto & Helcio Milito, "Tamba", RCA/BMG [Brazil] #74321.866282 (2001).[CD Reissue]

Includes a superb latin-pop version of Nao Tem Nada Nao (aka Batuque)

Music composed by Joao Donato & Eumir Deodato

Lyrics added by Marcos Valle.

Musician personnel: Luiz Eça (piano, keyboards, vocal), Bebeto Castilho (electric bass, flutes, vocal) & Helcio Milito (drums, percussion, vocal).


Original sessions produced by Raymundo Bittencourt in 1974.

Reissue Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for Jazz Station Productions (JSR) in London, July 2001.

Liner Notes by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.


Cannonball Adderley, "In A Good Groove", RCA/Pair Records #PCD-2-1229 (19__).[2-in-1 CD Reissue]

This album contains Donato's composition "Minha Saudade".

Home-cook-cd.jpg   Home-cook-cdb.JPG

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Home Cooking", RCA/BMG [Brazil] CD #74321949862 (2002).[CD Reissue]

The track "Emorio" is co-written by Donato.


Sunny Day (Sembello)
Hey People Hey (Gil)
It's So Obvious That I Love You (Lyra/Lyra)
Emorio (Donato/Gil)
Shakara (Johnson)
Where to Now St. Peter? (John/Thurin)
Cut That Out (Gil)
Tell Me in a Whisper (Hartman/Winter)
It's up to You (Sembello)
Home Cooking (Lyra/Mendes/Rainey)

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes--Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Producer; Gilberto Gil--Guitar; Don Menza--Sax (Tenor); Raul DeSouza--Trombone; Chuck Rainey--Guitar (Bass);Michael Sembello--Guitar; Bonnie Bowden Amaro--Vocals; Marietta Araiza--Vocals; Oscar Brashear--Trumpet; Dennis Budimir--Guitar; Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar; Paulinho Da Costa--Bongos, Conga; Dave Grusin--Piano; Louis Johnson--Guitar (Bass); Don Lewis--Programming; Raymond Maldonado--Trumpet; Harvey Mason, Sr.--Drums; Lise Miller--Vocals; Hermeto Pascoal--Flute, Organ (Hammond); Hank Redd--Sax (Alto); Frank Rosolino--Trombone; Claudio Slon--Percussion, Drums.


   Home-cooking1.pdf - 2002 liner notes written by the producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, page 1 (IN PORTUGUESE).

   Home-cooking2.pdf - 2002 liner notes written by the producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, page 2 (IN PORTUGUESE).

   Home-cooking3.pdf - 2002 liner notes written by the producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, page 3 (IN PORTUGUESE).

   Home-cooking4.pdf - 2002 liner notes written by the producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, page 4 (IN PORTUGUESE).

Home-cooking-pixliner1.JPG - Tracklist from CD Reissue.

Home-cooking-pixliner2.JPG - Credit list from CD Reissue.

Reissue Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro (June, 2002) for JSR.

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