[Joao Donato, 1965 - taken from back cover of
"The New Sound of Brazil" LP]

João Donato - RCA Victor (continued)



 Wonderful.jpg  Wonderful-b.JPG

Mario Castro-Neves & Messias, "The Wonderful Latin-American Sound of Brazil", RCA Victor International LP #FSP-201 (1968).[LP]

This album includes the Donato composition "Keep Talking" (Amazonas).

Yambo.JPG  Yambo-b.JPG

Claus Ogerman Y Su Orquesta, "Yambo", RCA International [France] #900.107 (196_).[LP Reissue]
This album is the same as Claus' "
Latin Rock" with the same tracks, but with the tracks compiled and listed in a different order.  It was issued in France, despite the Spanish on the back album cover!

Includes Donato's own "Não Se Acabou (It Didn't End)".

Boogaloo.JPG  Boogaloo-b.JPG

Claus Ogerman Y Su Orchesta, "Boogaloo", RCA Victor [South America] #LSP-3813 (196_).[LP Reissue]

This is an international version of Claus' "Latin Rock" album.  It contains Spanish on the album covers.
An interesting typo on the front cover is the running together of the two tracks "Cuchy Frito Man" and "Yambo" - making "Cuchy Frito Man Yambo"!
It is also interesting to note that even though this LP was not issued in the U.S., it contains the same catalog number as the U.S. RCA Victor "Latin Rock" counterpart.

Includes Donato's own "Não Se Acabou (It Didn't End)".

LINER NOTES from "Boogaloo" (In Spanish - translated from the English "Latin Rock" album):


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