Guitarist Paulo Levita, singer Palmyra, producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro and João Donato
during the recording sessions for the Friends From Brazil 2001 album.
(Photo by Celso Brando)


Jo˜ão Donato - Jazziz



Various Artists, "Signs of the Times: Women 2010", Jazziz #008/2010 (May 2010).[CD]
Release Date: May 2010

Includes the track "Minha Saudade" (João Gilberto / João Donato), performed by Ithamara Koorax & Juarez Moreira, and produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.
Excerpt from the liner notes:
"Best known for his whispery, intimate croon and deceptively intrincate acoustic guitar work, bossa nova pioneer Joao Gilberto is widely recognized for his interpretations of songs by his more-prolific colleague Antonio Carlos Jobim. However, Gilberto's original music is not as immediately identifiable by many other than bossa aficionados. Vocalist Ithamara Koorax and masterful guitarist Juarez Moreira are doing their best to correct this situation with their recording Bim Bom: The Complete João Gilberto Songbook" (Motéma), which marks the first occasion that all of Gilberto's original compositions have been collected on one album. Having worked alongside Jobim and the late Luiz Bonfá, Koorax is certainly well-suited to interpret Gilberto's lyrical melodies; her cool, pliant voice evokes but never imitates Gilberto's singular style. Koorax and Moreira pick up the tempo on the charming 'Minha Saudade,' our selection here, as the singer nimbly navigates Gilberto's lyric for the lilting João Donato tune."

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