(From left to right) Producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, singer Palmyra, João Donato, and guitarist Paulo Levita during the recording sessions for the album Here's That Rainy Bossa Day (January 2001).



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[Brazil release]

Palmyra & Levita with João Donato, "Here's That Rainy Bossa Day", Jazz Station Records [Brazil] #JSR/KICP 839 (2001).[CD]
Palmyra & Levita with João Donato, "Here's That Rainy Bossa Day", Jazz Station Records-Irma Group [Europe] #IRMA510181-2 (2002).[CD]

Tracklist (for Brazilian release pictured above):

1. Tea For Two (Irving Caesar / Vincent Youmans)
2. Fotographia (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
3. Here's That Rainy Day (Jimmy Van Heusen / Johnny Burke)
4. Vivo Sonhando (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
5. September In The Rain (Al Dubin / Harry Warren)
6. Inutil Paisagem (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
7. Stormy Weather (Ted Koehler / Harold Arlen)
8. Voce (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli)
9. What A Difference A Day Made (Maria Grever / Stanley Adams)
10. Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Gene Lees)
11. Cry Me A River (Arthur Hamilton)
12. O Sapo (Joao Donato)
13. What's New? (Johnny Burke / Bob Haggart)
14. Bahia (Ary Barroso)
15. A Namorada (Carlinhos Brown)

Tracklist (for European release pictured below):

1. Tea For Two
2. Fotographia
3. Here's That Rainy Day
4. Vivo Sonhando
5. September In The Rain
6. Inutil Paisagem
7. Stormy Weather
8. Voce
9. What A Difference A Day Made
10. Corcovado
11. O Sapo
12. Bahia
13. A Namorada
14. Rapunzel Preo Remix


[Europe release]

Personnel: Palmyra (vocal), Paulo Levita (acoustic guitar) and Joao Donato (acoustic piano).

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for Jazz Station Records.


JSR All Stars, "Friends From Brazil 2001", Jazz Station Records #505201 (2001).[CD]

Includes the song "A Ra" (Donato/Caetano Veloso), performed by Palmyra & Levita with João Donato.

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for JSR (Jazz Station Records).

P&L(Lucy+In+The+Sky,Japan+cover).jpg   P&L(Lucy,back).jpg


Palmyra & Levita with Jõao Donato, "Lucy in the Sky With Bossa Diamonds", Jazz Station Records #JSR 6044 [distributed in Japan by Rambling Records #RBCS-2101] (2004).[CD]

This album contains compositions by Donato (see Tracklist below).


1. Fools Rush in
2. O Grande Amor (Jobim)
3. Come Rain or Come Shine
4. Outra Vez (Jobim)
5. Ruby
6. One Note Samba (Jobim)
7. It Might as Well Be Spring "Les Printemps"
8. Ahiê (Donato)
9. Tenderly
10. Hô-Bá-Lá-Lá
11. Revelação
12. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
13. Odara
14. Everyday (Donato)
15. O Sono da América Do Sul

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Front.jpg  Back.jpg


Mario Castro-Neves & Samba S.A., “On A Clear Bossa Day” Jazz Station Records #6045 (2004).[CD].

Released on September 3, 2004.

This CD contains a composition by Jõao Donato.


1. Candy (Alex Kramer/Mack David/Joan Whitney) 4:16
2. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Gene Lees) 4:07
3. Helena And I (Mario Castro-Neves) 2:55
4. On A Clear Day (Burton Lane/Alan Jay Lerner) 3:27
5. So Nice (Marcos Valle/Paulo Sergio Valle/Norman Gimbel) 2:41
6. Samba S.A. (Mario Castro-Neves) 2:04
7. Nice Work If You Can Get It (George & Ira Gershwin) 3:19
8. The Whole Mess (Mario Castro-Neves) 3:38
9. Muito À Vontade (João Donato/João Mello) 2:23
10. Lili (Mario Castro-Neves) 5:07
11. Mamadeira Atonal (Mario Castro-Neves/Ronaldo Boscoli) 3:45
12. Mara My Love (Mario Castro-Neves) 6:17
13. Tokyo Waltz (Mario Castro-Neves) 5:38
14. My Rio (Mario Castro-Neves) 7:18
Total Time 54:57
Acoustic Piano: Mario Castro-Neves
Acoustic Bass: Manuel Gusmão
Drums: Cesar Machado
Vocal: Ithamara Koorax (appears by courtesy of Milestone Records)
Vocal: Ana Zinger

Recorded and Mixed at The Fox Booth Studios (Rio, Brazil) in January 2004
Engineer: Carlos Fuchs
Assistant Engineer: Daniel Vasques
Digitally Mastered by Geraldo Brandão at EG Studio, April 2004
Cover Art: Tetsushi Kawamura (atmosphere, ltd)
Liner Photos by Celso Brando
Executive Producer: Ithamara Koorax
Liner Notes by domingo (Kepel Kimura, Masanori Koyama, Takashi Horiuchi) + Megumi Arai
Lyrics translated by Hirono Mouri
P. 2004, JSR 6045, DDD
Distributed in Japan by Rambling Records

Acknowledgments from Mario Castro-Neves:
Thanks to my wife, ”Mara My Love”, for all the support, love, and inspiration she has given me during all the years we’ve been together.
Thanks to my loving cousins, Fernando & Gilda Gatti, and my childhood friends, Silvio & Lilian Nogueira, for their advice, support, love, and putting up with me when I stayed at their homes in “My Rio.”
Thanks to my wonderful friends Ithamara Koorax, Ana Zinger, Manuel Gusmão (another childhood friend), Cesar Machado (a new friend) whose great talent and enthusiasm inspired very lively and exciting recording sessions.
And, finally, thanks to my good friend, producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, who has been my greatest fan for many years, for his dedication, professionalism and love of Brazilian music, and to whom I dedicate this album.
Mario Castro-Neves
NY, June 6, 2004

Acknowledgements from Arnaldo DeSouteiro:
Firstly, “2004 Thanks” to the legendary Brazilian music historian and radio DJ, Simon Khoury, for introducing me to Mario Castro-Neves’ artistry, back in 1973, through Castro-Neves’ “Brazilian Mood” LP. His superb orchestrations on that masterpiece album would be enough to place Mario Castro-Neves among the best arrangers in the music history, alongside Sebesky, Ogerman, Mancini, Legrand, Schifrin, Mandel, Gil Evans, Deodato and Gaya. It is a privilege and a great honor to work with him!
Mr. Khoury used to give airplay, at JB-AM radio station, to such songs as “Helena And I” and “The Whole Mess” (both from “Brazilian Mood”). I could never dream that, thirty years later, I would produce new versions of these gorgeous tunes.
Very special heartfelt thanks also to Shinji Fushiguro (big help!), Takashi Horiuchi, Kaz Sawatari, Shioji Mori and everyone at Rambling Records for believing in this project.
And, last but not least, “Thank you” Ithamara Koorax for giving me, as always, all your time and love.
Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Rio, June 20, 2004

Arranged by Mario Castro-Neves.

Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for JSR (Jazz Station Records).

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Marcos.png  Marcos.png

Marcos Ozzellin, "O Samba Transcendental", JSR [Brazil] #JSR 6057 (2010).[CD]

This album contains the Donato composition "Sambou, Sambou".

Musician personnel:  Wilson Chaplin, Geraldo Martins, Rodrigo Lima, Gabriel Aguiar, Felipe Reznik & Arnaldo DeSouteiro.  Special participation by Ithamara Koorax and José Roberto Bertrami.

Produced and arranged by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.
Executive Producer:  Marcos Ozzellin.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Geraldo Brandão.

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