From the "Amazonas" CD
Personally autographed to me by Donato Trio drummer Claudio Slon
Spring 2000


Joćo Donato - Elephant Records 




Joćo Donato Trio, "Amazonas", Elephant Records #ER203 (2000).[CD]


Glass Beads
Alegria pra Cantar
Sugar Cane Breeze
Coisas Distantes
A Rć
Like Nanai
Brisa do Mar
Tardes de Verćo
Os Caminhos
Fim de Sonho
O Fundo
Café com Pćo



Quotes (from "Amazonas"):

"I've worked and recorded with many famous musicians and producers. 'Amazonas' by far is the best record I've ever made.' --Joćo Donato

"Donato is a genius behind Bossa-Nova. Joćo's picture is always on top of my piano and I am very fortunate to be his friend." --AC Jobim

"I met Joćo Donato many years ago when he was living in San Francisco. I always enjoy hanging out with him - he has a great sense of humour! He is a fabulous pianist and composer - his new CD "Amazonas" proves it one more time. My two favorite compositions on this CD are "Amazonas" and "Glass Beads". Simply beautiful - Donato at his best!!!"  --Horace Silver

Personnel: Joćo Donato--piano, Jorge Helder--bass; Claudio Slon--drums.

Producer: Vartan Tonoian.

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   Vartan-liners.pdf - These are the liner notes written by producer Vartan Tonoian for this CD.

   Claudio-liners.pdf - These are the liner notes written by drummer Claudio Slon for this CD.

   Concert_announce.pdf - This was the web announcement for the live concert on April 7, 2000 which was also broadcast in streaming audio. This concert marked the beginning of the "Amazonas" CD availability in Brazil.

   Donato_interv.pdf - This was an interview conducted with Joćo Donato shortly before the Brazilian release of the "Amazonas" CD.

  Daniella-amaz.pdf - A review of Donato's "Amazonas" CD is contained within the larger topic of "What is Brazilian Jazz?", written by Daniella Thompson.  Converted to .pdf from "Jazzing It" (September 2000).

   aaj-amazomas.pdf - A short review of Donato's "Amazonas" CD from the All About Jazz website.


Joćo Donato Trio with the Sćo Paulo Jazz Sinfonica, "The Frog", Elephant Records #ER-204 (2001).[CD]
This album is a live recording at Memorial da América Latina, SP, (Brasil) 7 April 2000.


Amazonas (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Glass Beads (Joćo Donato/Joćo Gilberto)
Sugarcane Breeze (Joćo Donato)
Mentiras (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Simples Carinho (Joćo Donato/Abel Silva)
Até Quem Sabe (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Nossas Ultimas Viagens (J. Donato/Joćo Bosco/Aldir Blanc)
Gaiolas Abertas (Joćo Donato/Martinho da Vila)
Lugar Comum (Joćo Donato/Gilberto Gil)
The Frog (Joćo Donato/Caetano Veloso)

Personnel:  Joćo Donato, Clįudio Slon & Luiz Alves, accompanied by Orquestra Jazz Sinfōnica de Sćo Paulo under the baton of Cyro Pereira and Mateus


Produced by Vartan Tonoian.


Joćo Donato Trio, "Brazilian Time", Elephant Records #ER-205 (2001).[CD]


E Muito Mais (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Bluchanga (Joćo Donato)
Yerevįn (Joćo Donato/Vartan Tonoian/Claudio Slon)
Pelo Avesso (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Here's That Rainy Day (Jimmy Van Heusen)
Tim Dom Dom (Coda/Joćo Mello)***
Bateu Pra Trįs (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Tema Teimoso (Joćo Donato)
O Pregador (Joćo Donato/Lysias Źnio)
Simples Carinho (Joćo Donato/Abel Silva)
Surpresa (Joćo Donato/Caetano Veloso)
Invitation (Paul Webster/Bronislaw Kaper)
Nini [Solo Piano] (Joćo Donato)

***Webmaster's Note:  For the track "Tim Dom Dom", the correct credit is Joćo Mello / Codó [Clodoaldo Brito, the guitarist/composer from Bahia known as Codó].  It is incorrectly printed on the original CD packaging.

Personnel: Joćo Donato, piano; Claudio Slon, drums; Luiz Alves, bass.

Produced by Vartan Tonoian.

Bossa-cubana.JPG  Bossa-cubana-b.JPG

Sexto Sentido and Joćo Donato, "Bossa Cubana", Elephant Records #70279120709 (2004).[CD]


1.  Bossa Cubana

2.  The Girl From Ipanema

3.  Come Together

4.  The Secret Life of Plants

5.  Vento No Canavial

6.  Baby, Don't Cry

7.  It's Probably Me

8.  Michelle

9.  Bananeira

10.  Jungle Fever

11.  Es Nuestra Cancion

12.  Wait For Me

13. Crazy

14.  Lush Life

15.  Send One Your Love


Musician personnel: Piano and keyboards - Axel Tosca on songs 1, 3, 6, 8, 10-13, 15; Joćo Donato on songs 2, 5, and 9; Roberto Carcases - song 4. Bass - Rafael Paseiro; Drums - Ramses Rodriguez; Electric Guitar - Elmer Ferrer; Acoustic Guitar - Rey Ugarte; Percussion - Yaroldy Abreu; Trumpet - Julio Padrón; Strings, trombones and saxophones from the Havana Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in Cuba.

All vocals by Sexto Sentido (Melvis Santa Esteves Guzman, Arlety Valdes Cana, Eliene Castillo Borrero, and Yudelkis Lafuente Acea).
On songs #2, 5, and 9 - vocals by Sexto Sentido and Joćo Donato.

Music selected by Vartain Tonoian.

All vocal arrangements by Sexto Sentido; all instrumental arrangements by Vartan Tonoian, Sexto Sentido and Joćo Donato - except "The Secret Life of Plants" by Roberto Carcases.

Produced by Vartan Tonoian.

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