One of the best things to happen to Brazilian and jazz music: The João Donato Trio, as seen here in 2000:
(left to right) Claudio Slon (drummer), João Donato (piano and composer), Luiz Alvez (bassist).


João Donato - EMI Televisa Music


Various Artists, "Smooth Brazil Bossa Nova Vol. 1", EMI Televisa Music #_______ (2005).[CD Compilation]

This album contains two Donato compositions:  "Bananeria" performed by Donato himself and "Ate Quem Sabe" performed by Maysa.


Various Artists, "Smooth Brazil Bossa Nova Vol. 2", EMI Televisa Music, #______ (2005).[CD Compilation]

This album contains these Donato compositions:  "A Ra" (performed by Donato) and "Minha Saudade".


Various Artists, "Bossa Nova In Concert", EMI Televisa Music #______ (2006).[CD]

This album includes Donato performing his own "Amazonas" and "Minha Saudade".

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