Donato and Leila Pinheiro
[Photo courtesy of Augusto Troncoso]


Donato-16yrs-sm-b.JPG João Donato - Walt Disney Records Donato-16yrs-sm.JPG

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BossaNovaDisney-front.png  BossaNovaDisney-back.png
[2006 Philippines CD]

Various Artists, "Disney Bossa Nova", Walt Disney Records #861313 (2005).[CD]
Various Artists, "Disney Bossa Nova", Walt Disney Records-EMI [Philippines] #00946380254 29 (2006).[CD]

This album has Donato performing with Wanda Sá on "Es Tu O Pricipe Azul" ("Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty).  This album has been released world-wide with different album art.

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