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Wes Montgomery, "Down Here on the Ground", A&M/CTi #SP-3006 (1968).[LP]
Wes Montgomery, "Down Here on the Ground", A&M/CTi #82839-6994-2 (1988).[CD].

The track "Know It All" written by Donato. This track arranged by Eumir Deodato.

Personnel: Guitar: Wes Montgomery; Bass: Ron Carter; Drums: Grady Tate; Piano: Herbie Hancock; Percussion: Bobby Rosengarden, Ray Barretto; Vibes: Mike Mainieri; Violins: Gene Orloff, Raoul Poliakin; Cello: George Ricci; Viola: Emmanuel Vardi; Flutes & Oboe: Hubert Laws, George Marge, Romeo Penque.

Arrangements by Don Sebesky and Eumir Deodato.

Produced by Creed Taylor.


Tamba 4, "Samba Blim", A&M/CTi #___________(1968).[LP]
Tamba 4, "Samba Blim", A&M/CTi/Polydor [Japan] #POCM-5054 (19__) .[CD Reissue]

Included Donato composition is: "Know It All".

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