Joćo Donato - 45 rpm record - Verve

Astrud Gilberto, "Once I Loved"/"Once Upon A Summertime", Verve #VK-10531.

Joćo Donato plays piano on the track "Once I Loved".

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[U.S. DJ / Promo Single]

Astrud Gilberto, "Dindi"/"(Take Me To) Aruanda", Verve #VK-10532 (1967).[45 rpm DJ / Promo single]

"Aruanda" is arranged and conducted by Joćo Donato.  Donato also plays piano on the track "Dindi".

Walter Wanderley, "Minha Saudade"/"On the South Side of Chicago", Verve #VK-10539 (1967).[45 rpm single]
Both tracks are from the Verve album Batucada.
"Minha Saudade" is a Donato composition.

Produced by Creed Taylor.


Astrud Gilberto, "The Girl From Ipanema" / "Take Me To Aruanda", Verve [UK] #IPA1 (1984).[45 rpm single Picture Sleeve Reissue]

"Take Me To Aruanda" is arranged by Donato.

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