João Donato - 3" CD Single - Concord Records

timeless_excerpts_front.jpg  timeless_excerpts_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes, "Timeless" (Excerpts), Concord Records [EU] #312 315 2 (2006).[DJ/Promo 3" CD Single with cardboard cover]

This CD Single contains these Donato compositions:  "E Menina" and "The Frog".

cd3_encanto_excerpts_front.jpg  cd3_encanto_excerpts_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes, "Encanto Excerpts", Concord Records [Germany] #________ (2008).[DJ/Promo 3" CD Single]

This Single contains the Donato/Joyce "Y Vamos Ya" (aka "E Vamos Lá") composition.

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