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Sergio Mendes, "Mas Que Nada/The Frog/Surfboard/Fo'-Hop", Concord Records # SERGIO12 (2006).[DJ/Promotional 12" EP]

This Promo record contains Donato's "The Frog" composition.


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 Sergio Mendes, "Timeless Album Sampler", Concord Records #C-PRO 848 (2006). [DJ/Promotional 12" EP]

This sampler contains Donato's "Bananeira" and "The Frog" compositions.

Side A Produced by Sergio Mendes &
Side B Produced by Sergio Mendes & Friends

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Sergio Mendes, "That Heat" (2 Mixes)/"The Frog" (2 Mixes), Concord #PRO CJ-0110 (no year).[DJ/Promotional 12" EP]

This record contains Donato's "The Frog" composition.

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Sergio Mendes, "Encanto 5 Tracks EP", Concord Records [no country listed, possibly US] #CRR-9160 (2008).[12" Extended Play Record Sampler]

This contains Joyce/Donato's "Y Vamos Ya", also arranged by Donato and Sergio Mendes.

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